That baseball tournament is far away, who's gonna let the dog out?

Pet Sitting in Oviedo

Stop saying "no" to lunches with co-workers

Get home in time to let the dog out.....not today

Anniversary weekend have your parents taking the kids for the night....but what about the dog?

I wish we could go away, who can we trust with our dog and house?

Phone 908-334-4079


Why K9 Kim?

Bring the dog on the plane........I wish we what are we going to do with him if he can't fly with us?

Are both your pet sitter AND your pet insured?

Does your pet sitter have experience working with all types of dogs?

Is your pet being cared for by a professional adult with a long list of references?

Does your pet sitter schedule a consultation at your home to discuss the best plan of care for your pet?

Are you sure that you will receive a consistent pet sitter for every visit?

Does your pet sitter offer training upon your request?

Will your pet sitter send you a text on your pet's status upon arrival and a detailed update, including pictures, on completion of the service?

Are you paid in free walks for referrals?

Does your pet sitter have over 35 years of experience working with all kinds of dogs?

Does your pet sitter offer services such as watering plants, bringing in mail, and taking care of other tasks?

Have you checked to see if your pet sitter actually has an LLC and is insured for your personal safety?