A family vacation.is way overdue. Time to plan a romantic getaway for the weekend. Perhaps surprise a long distance friend for their birthday. Has work scheduled meetings that require you to be away for several days? Need not worry.  Allow us to spoil your fur child while providing the extra TLC they deserve. We take the time to listen to your requests and your pet's needs so that the care provided does not alter routines. Allowing a pet to be cared for in their own home allows them to feel much more comfortable. Receiving detailed updates with pictures will put your mind at ease knowing extra cuddles, snuggles, exercise and attention is being given. 

         15 minute visit:   $12  1 pet    $13  2 pets    $14  3 pets   $15  4+ pets
        30 minute visit:   $16  1 pet    $17  2 pets    $18  3 pets   $19  4+ pets
        45 minute visit:   $21  1 pet    $22 2 pets    $23  3 pets   $24 4+ pets
             Weekly discounts apply



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Dog Walk/Visit

Almost Overnight

Pet Sitting

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We get it....noone wants to leave their dog overnight.  K9 Kim has a great solution...an "Almost Overnight".  The extended time spent later in the evening and again early in the morning allows for more attention and ease of mind.* Receiving a photo like the one above will remind you its ok to be away.  After a belly rub and some snuggle time, your pet will feel they are vacationing as well.  Best of all, we arrive early in the morning before they wake up!  Please inquire about these services next time you book a visit!!!

* This service is offered by request and varies by location. One or two hour slots. 


Dogs love attention. We all need more time in our day, but that doesn't need to come at the expense of the one who can't wait to see you when you get home.


No time to walk your dog? Working late? Stuck in traffic? Overloaded with kids' activities? Or just plain tired? No worries. Allow us to be your go-to in a pinch walker/feed meals.  Or allow us to visit each workday. We will come to your home and make sure your fur child gets some fresh air, exercise and attention he deserves.


     15 minute visit*:  $12  1 pet    $13  2 pets    $14  3 pets   $15  4+ pets

     30 minute visit:   $16  1 pet    $17  2 pets    $18  3 pets   $19  4+ pets

​​     45 minute visit:   $21  1 pet    $22 2 pets    $23  3 pets   $24 4+ pets

            Weekly discounts apply

         * Walks not offered during 15 min visits

Its time to:

Accept that invitation for dinner!

Schedule the appointment to pamper yourself, you deserve it!

Catch up with a friend over lunch, no need to rush home to let the dog out.

​Finish the project at work so you can start fresh in the morning.